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Winfried stems out of a large musical family from the city of Groningen. At the age of 5 he went to a General Musical Education (Dalcrosis Rhythm). Then the recorder. Then the violin at the age of 7. Through family singalong, church choirs and student orchestras, it became clear that making music brought him endless pleasure. The violin was occasionally swapped for the guitar,

During his study biologal science he became a musician/actor with the Theatre Group Southern Africa (TZA) later moving into Toneelgroep Barstens and in the choir De Rode Steen. The latter group took over TZA’s beautiful a-capella South African songs, complemented by a wide repertoire of (gay) solidarity songs.

The biology study was completed with an certificate Plant and Zoology – Winfried actually taught biology for two years – but the music would win eventually. He studied at the conservatoir for a year, started playing the accordion and completed a music qualification in 1983 (Gehrels in Zwolle). With Johnny Cassata busking started, with Winfried singing and the puppet Johnny on the piano.

At the end of 1987 Winfried joined the youth music group Timbila, a group that became inernationally renown with its own compositions, played on the large self-built marimba (Timbila’s table) and baskalimba (base thumb piano). He also played with the 4Tuoze Matroze for a time and played the violin in Mariachi orchestras. Experience as a choir director came in handy with the mixed men’s choir Manoeuvre, which was co-founded under his leadership and grew into an enthusiastic choir of 50 men in four years time.

After almost 10 years and more than 1000 performances, he quit Timbila, mainly to be able to pay more attention to the accordion and singing. The latter preferably in Gronings, a Dutch dialect from the north of the Netherlands.

Winfried’s contemporary musicianship consists of the duos Un Duo Particolare and Duo Mokumer Molleboon and the Trio Trabant. He is also an accordionist, accordion teacher and has a solo program with chansons in the dialect of Groningen.

Winfried is the accordionist on the singalong evenings of Nedles with Dutch songs for expats.

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