Winfried Veenker | muzikant

Accordion lesson for beginners and advanced players

In addition to performing as an accordionist, Winfried Veenker has built up a practice as an accordion teacher. His base as an executive musician and music teacher makes him suitable to help both novice and advanced accordionists further along the road. The lessons are at Winfried's home, Amsterdam Nieuwmarktbuurt.

Fun and beauty

The starting point for him in teaching accordion is pleasure in playing this beautiful instrument and the belief that in every kind of music, that has stood the test of time, beauty is hidden. The trick is to take this out of your instrument.

Your style and taste as a starting point

Technical skill is fun, also to work on, but is not essential to be touched by music. The style of music is tied to personal taste and Winfried will always do his best to take your choice and skills as a starting point.

Sheet music or by heart, it's up to you

You'd rather play with the help of sheet music, fine. If sheet music is a threshold, you can do without it. Every method has pros and cons, we just start with what's in front of you.



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